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Why She Removed her Fallopian Tubes

Why She Removed her Fallopian Tubes

She went for operation so she can never give birth… What do you think?

South Africa 25-Year-Old Medical Doctor Removes Her Fallopian Tubes Because She Doesn’t Want To Have Children

A 25-year-old medical doctor just had a surgery to remove her fallopian tubes as she refuses to be fertile.

Dr. Priyanka Ramgoolam says she unmarried and has never had a child.

In a post on Twitter she wrote: In the next 24 hours, I will be undergoing a bilateral salpingectomy (surgical removal of my Fallopian tubes) for the sole purpose of permanent sterilisation.

I’m 25. I’m unmarried. I’ve never been pregnant. I never want children. I’m so happy to have fought for this choice.




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