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Obaseki’s Administration And The Sociological Benefits Of Voting Him For A Second Term In Office

Obaseki’s Administration And The Sociological Benefits Of Voting Him For A Second Term In Office

By Osemeke Samuel Iyobosa

As a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology at the prestigious University of Benin, I have critically studied the administrative policies and programmes of the Godwin Obaseki administration in the last three and a half years. Obaseki’s administration to my best knowledge has defined governance in a unique perspective that does not fit the need and demand of those who wants “Rome to be built in one day” conscious of the satisfaction of now and not then.

First, the reason I studied the discipline sociology isn’t because I just want to only earn a degree but to also contribute my quota in finding solution to issues affecting the society. The knowledge of Sociology has provided me the requisite skills to search into societal problems and help provide solutions to them.

Looking at the administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki, it is imperative for us to note that he has not just performed only in Infrastructures but also in human capacity. Infrastructure like we all understand in governance has to do with the schools, roads, healthcare and so many public facilities. The records are there that it was in the administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki that over 230 schools and more were renovated, roads, drainages and Bridges were constructed across the 18 Local Governments in Edo state. Health care centers receiving necessary attention in terms of facility for training health care workers, providing health insurance, equipping our hospitals and employing more doctors.

In Agriculture, there are a lot of massive production taking place in our farms and lots of Farmers have been provided lands, loans and fertilizers which is a total plus to massive food production in our State and possible Nationwide. We now see the results of the SOBE farms, which now harvest rice, Urhonigbe Rubber estate which has grown and to be ready in few years for tapping. Urhonigbe Rubber estate will also create employment for indigenes within Urhonigbe and Other parts of the state now, and when tapping begins for rubber production. Too numerous to analyze but a few.

Still on Infrastructure, I would not forget to mention the Ossiomo power project that has been completed and ready for Commissioning. The Edo refinery 70 percent ready for completion and the ongoing construction of the industrial park, Gelegele seaports and so on. These are Infrastructures that will boost our Economy scale and provide employment for more than 60 percent youth in Edo state. They are laudable projects we must appreciate the Governor for embarking on.

Also, there are several other projects and opportunity being created in the administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki; we have the Benin Technical College, Edo innovation hub which has offered training in different occupation to our youth and graduates, it has created employment through the Edojobs, we have the Edo production centre where a lot of persons are defining their skills by producing and selling, we have the housing scheme provided for those who wish to own their houses at cheaper rates which is the Emotan Garden, training and employment of youths in Edstma and Puwov, and so on. These are what we call human capacity building.

We must understand that for a society to grow, we must develop the ability to be patient, understand, support and encourage the government. The beautiful Rome we know today, wasn’t built a day, but someone started a foundation that made it one of the most beautiful places in the world. Let’s tune down with our selfish interests and “stomach infrastructure” politicking cause they’ve really posed more dangers to the growth we clamour for in our society. We must learn to understand that certain Policies in Governanance takes time to materialize its Success stories.

The Sociological benefit of voting Obaseki for a second term is too numerous to mention but a few. It will pave way for more progressive inputs as the training provided by all agencies will add positively to the growth of our Economy. it will create an enabling environment for local and foreign Investors which in turn, provides more employment for our youths. The ongoing projects will be completed and serve in the best interest of the Edo people who are hungry for development in the state, it will provide a uniform system of administration were proper documentation and monitoring will take effect to boost our progressive pursuit in Edo, etc.

A good example of the Sociological benefits citing from some of the ongoing and completed projects is the Urhonigbe Rubber estate, on the basis of the hectares of land, will create employment for over 5000 Edo Youths, Edo Refinery will create employment, and its product will be sold in the markets which will increase revenue in our state. Ossiomo power project will serve as a support to the BEDC and provide constant power supply to all Government establishment in the state, industrial park will provide enabling environment that will accommodate all public transporters and travellers to reduce the rowdy situation. Edo innovation hub is still training and will continue training productive youths in the State. These and many more to mention.

Governor Godwin Obaseki has really started building on a good and very solid foundation, it’s time we start looking at the gains of his administration from the satisfaction of now to the gains of tomorrow. These are reasons we must queue behind him for another four years in office to give him time to actualize all his good plans and intentions for the good people of Edo State.

Our development will never be negotiated to serve the interest of few greedy retrogressive Politicians. And for us to achieve this, let’s pick our only weapon, which is the PVC and vote him again for another term come September 19, on the platform of the People’s Democratic party which is the Umbrella of Progress.

Congratulations in advance as we do so to save the state from being brought back to the era of stagnancy in development.

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