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By Ogiemwonyi Osazuwa

Health care delivery is one of governance that the Digital Governor Obaseki placed premium on.

With the outbreak of the China disease, popularly known as Coronavirus,or Covid-19 in Nigeria, and subsequently in Edo State.

The Digital Governor Obaseki with his vast knowledge quickly did the right thing to capitalized on prevention measures to win the war against the China disease.

No doubt, prevention is the best option or medicine for Coronavirus for the now, as Coronavirus has no cure medicine yet.

As a responsive Government, everybody in the Government is involved for proper awareness creation to pass the prevention messages to Edo people irrespective of their level or status to ensure that the populace becomes aware of what is required of them to be in good stead to protect themselves from infection.

The State Government has taken its Coronavirus campaign to the markets, in the first instance, and also to the parks, banks, streets, just to ensure that people know what they should do as it concerns this Coronavirus.

Considering the manner in which the Coronavirus is contacted and the speed with which is spread, the Digital Governor Obaseki deem it necessary to stressed the need for Edo people to adhere to the Government’s precautionary measures to halt the Coronavirus pandemic in the state.

According to the Digital Governor,”The medicine now is prevention. We believe that prevention is the key to make our state Coronavirus free.”

True to type, the key ways of preventing contacting the China disease is to indulge in frequent washing of hands. It must be done with running water, not water in bowl, and with soap. In the absence of water, a hand sanitizer should be used.

On coughing and sneezing, which are normal physiological symptoms from time to time, a person who have it should stay awhile at home, or wear facemask if one must go out. If it is sudden, and you want to cough, simply put your hand across your face and sneeze-cough into your sleeve, or on your shoulder. If the virus gets on the fabric, it will die shortly.

Another important prevention measure is social distance. It’s time to relearn some of the social engineering that we were born with. So, it’s advisable that everybody keep 1.5 metres distance from anybody in public places like market, motor parks, banks, churches, etc. Also try as much as possible to keep a distance from somebody who is coughing or sneezing.

Moreso, the use of Facemask is a necessary tool in the fight against the China disease. Firstly, when you wear facemask a Coronavirus carrier or patient cannot infect you with the virus. Secondly, when a person who have Coronavirus wear facemask, he will not be able to transfer it to another person.Thirdly, When a person who have Coronavirus wear facemask, and a person who did not have Coronavirus also wear facemask, nobody will get the virus.
Coronavirus is very contagious. Wearing of facemask, when going out is for your own good and in the interest of the state. Luckily,
Our Smart Tailors now sell a facemask at #50 per one. We expect them to produce more and sell 2 facemasks at the rate of #50.

Moreover, it’s not only handshake that you can greet. You can nod, smile, wave-your hands, as far as you can avoid to shake hands.

Coronavirus is very environmentally unstable. It is liquid coat in it’s surface, just like butter. After a while, if exposed on the surface, it’s dies. Indeed, Edo is winning the war against Coronavirus pandemic in the state, with Our Digital Governor Godwin Enogheghase Obaseki.

Stay home Edo people, this is not time to be visiting everybody. Work from home!

Our Digital Governor Obasei Cares.

Edo Is In Safe Hands With Governor Obaseki.

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