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We Will Resist Any Imposition from Oshiomhole

We Will Resist Any Imposition from Oshiomhole

……Edo House Blows Fire

We wish to state clearly that we are aware of the activities of a group called EPM which is being sponsored by the embattled National Chairman of APC who is said to have a hand in the recent mock primaries organised by same group in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic there by breaking all the rules against the spread.

In a statement released to newsmen in Benin by the President of Edo House for Progress, Comrade Paul Omoruyi, states that the group won’t accept any kind of interferences or Imposition from Oshiomhole in the upcoming elections in Edo state. He further stressed that Edo state has a performing Governor at the moment and won’t wish to replace him with people who don’t mean well for the state.

“Like never before, Edo people has overwhelming support for Obaseki due to his performance and won’t want to trade it for this so called enemies of the state especially now that every thing in the state is working orderly and in a civilised manner”. he said

As it has always been done in previous Administration, Governor Obaseki has a right of first refusal. It’s normal to consider a performing Governor or president for second term based on their performance and public acceptance. Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki is a household name in Edo state except for some disgruntled EPM members that are fighting for their selfish interest.

Let’s be truthful with ourselves here, what has Governor Obaseki done wrong? What has he not done right compared to all our other former governor’s who served for 8 years.
Oshiomhole will be making the biggest mistake if he tries to impose anyone on us and Edo People will strongly resist that action. A stitch in time saves nine!

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