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COVID-19: Opposition Throws Weight Behind Governor Godwin OBASEKI’s Administration

COVID-19: Opposition Throws Weight Behind Governor Godwin OBASEKI’s Administration

Some staunch members of the disbanded Edo people movement (EPM) have declare support for the administration of Mr Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki as they praised him for coming out in this trying times to support the vulnerable in the state.

Speaking to News Corner Nigeria, Hon Agbonkina Matthew also know as ‘Bulldozer’ said he was decieved to supporting Pastor Ize Iyamu inordinate ambition to become Governor of Edo State after some leader called him for a meeting in Abuja. He said this Covid-19 crisis have shown that Edo state governor is proactive and pragmatic in his approach in ensuring the pandemic is kicked out of Edo state.

“We have really seen that this governor mean well for Edo people. His approach so far in providing four isolation centres, purchased thirty (30) ventilators, encouragment for the health workers and provision of food items to the vulnerable across the state.”

He said, he is throwing his weight behind the governor for second term because he don’t want Edo state to be on a reverse gear. “Those on the other side are not sincere, they are after our common patrimony and how they will suck Edo state dry. Are you aware Pastor Ize Iyamu is already sharing political position when we are still in the midst of dreaded pandemic, is that not wickedness against the people?”

Hon. Agbonkina said, he is already contacting some other big weight that are still with the disbanded EPM to cross for the good and progress of Edo state.

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